• The AirC2Air Command and Control Training Centre started operations as embedded entity within AirOpsCmd in July
  • Basic AirC2Air Command and ControlPilot” Course in November
  • First Advanced Module in December


  • New Course: Regular Basic AirC2Air Command and Control Courses
  • Participation obligatory for every designated German Air Force Staff Officer
  • New Courses: Additional AirC2Air Command and Control Advanced Modules developed to train each of the five JFACJoint Forces Air Component divisions as well as the Command Group


  • New Course: AirC2Air Command and Control Introduction Course allow newcomers a first look into AirC2Air Command and Control
  • New Course: AirC2Air Command and Control Seminar for Flag Officers established


  • International participation expanded


  • Major adjustments to the AirC2Air Command and Control Basic Course


  • Cooperation between Finish Defence Forces International Centre (FINCENT) and the Air Operations Command to prepare DEUEuropäische Union Training Centre’s NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization accreditation


  • Implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS) at DEU AirC2 TCGerman Air Command and Control Training Center
  • Integration of first multinational instructor from Hungary
  • successful Pre-accreditation-audit by FINCENT


  • The DEU AirC2 TCGerman Air Command and Control Training Center is looking forward to host the team from NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization Allied Command Transformation to receive formal accreditation