pastoral care

Pastoral first aid for people with trauma

Pastoral first aid for people with trauma


You would like to provide emotional support to people who have just escaped from a dangerous situation and you are unsure how to do this if the person you are talking to is traumatized?


Video turorial - Prof. Dr. Kerstin Lammer


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The Protestant Military Deanery Berlin provides a small training series in five parts:

Part 1: Understanding trauma

Part 2: Recognizing traumatization

Part 3: Doing no harm to traumatized people

Part 4: People with traumatization providing pastoral first aid

Part 5: Self-Care for Counselors (This part is expected to be made available in October 2022.)

Why is this important?

Because people who have experienced the same horrors process them differently. And you, as a first aider or pastor, can help or harm them.

In the following videos you will find out what you can do to help people stay mentally healthy after traumatic experiences - and you yourself too.

We wish you God's blessings for your work!

von Prof. Dr. Kerstin Lammer, Chief Military Dean, Protestant Military Dean's Office in Berlin

The video series

"Do not be afraid. I'm with you.” Pastoral first aid for people with traumatisation.

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Part 3 of the video series

„Do Not Harm“

  • Seelsorge
  • Evangelische Militärseelsorge
  • Berlin
Part 4 of the video series

„First Aid“

  • Seelsorge
  • Evangelische Militärseelsorge
  • Berlin
Part 5 of the video series


  • Seelsorge
  • Evangelische Militärseelsorge
  • Berlin

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