German Armed Forces United Nations Training Centre

The Bundeswehr United Nations Training Centre in Hammelburg, Bavaria, is a multinational, interagency training facility for pre-deployment training with a special Focus on action and response training.


The Bundeswehr United Nations Training Centre is a joint and interagency pre-deployment training facility. Military personnel of the Bundeswehr and of friendly and allied armed forces, civilian Bundeswehr personnel, police forces and civilians are prepared for their missions abroad in a wide variety of courses. The main emphasis is on action and response training with realistic scenarios supported by military and civilian role players.

Cooperation for Peace and Security

In the performance of its task, the Bundeswehr United Nations Training Centre closely cooperates with the Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.  The training of personnel from governmental and non-governmental organisations, the Centre for International Peace Operations, the German Association for International Cooperation and German embassies forms the core of the Centre’s activities in this context.

Course participants from all sectors

The Bundeswehr United Nations Training Centre conducts courses for national and international participants to qualify them as United Nations Military Observers.

The course portfolio also includes pre-deployment training for police forces, non-governmental organisations and journalists.

In the context of national pre-deployment training, the training of civilian Bundeswehr personnel is of great importance. In addition, the Bundeswehr United Nations Training Centre conducts non-theatre-specific training courses at the WILDFLECKEN garrison for the Joint Support and Enabling Service. The training for the operators of the FLWFernbedienbare Leichte Waffenstation remote-control weapon station is also primarily conducted for German service members.

The course catalogue is supplemented by practical English language training for German soldiers. The technical courses for mobile surveillance technology components are another special feature to be mentioned when outlining the Centre’s tasks.

Advice and assistance

Within the scope of international cooperation, the United Nations Training Centre represents the Bundeswehr in several United Nations and NATO working groups and bodies.

The Centre is a member of the international peacekeeping network and maintains close relations all over the world for continuous knowledge sharing with other centres specialised in training and preparing civilian or military forces for peacekeeping missions.

Course information

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Facts and Figures


  • Ein Soldat mit grünem Barett schaut freundlich in die Kamera.

    Colonel Werner Klaffus

    Colonel Werner Klaffus has been running the United Nations Training Centre Bundeswehr in Hammelburg, Bavaria, since November 2017.


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