Apart from Bundeswehr soldiers, federal police officers have also been sent to Afghanistan since 2002 in a joint effort to support the Afghan government. Their mission is training and advising the Afghan National Police. Project responsibility lies with the German Police Project Team (GPPT). The pre-deployment seminar for the federal police forces#en is conducted at the DEU UNUnited Nations Trg Centre. The seminar focus is on rehearsing emergency procedures for the protection of the entire team.

The following details all pieces of information that are relevant for future participants prior to arriving at the training centre.

The course participants are familiarised with military instructions and military equipment, they learn how to enhance their survivability in crisis regions, and are enabled to conduct joint projects and activities with the Bundeswehr on operations abroad.

Five (5) training days

  • Mine awareness
  • Handling of foreign weapons
  • Conduct during movement (vehicle march)
  • Response to attacks on the field camp
  • Tactical live fire training (section level)
  • Custody and arrest response

Arrival NLT 11:00 hrs on Monday

Departure from 12:00 hrs on Friday


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