Mixed Model (9.7.2023, Saturday)

Mixed Model (9.7.2023, Saturday)



mixed model

For Time (Time Cap = 20 min)
40 Burpees
400 m Row
40 Wall Ball Shots
400 m Row
40 Walking Lunges
400 m Row
40 Deadlift 100/70 kg
400 m Row
40 Box Jumps
400 m Row

•    Teams must go through the entire workout twice. For this purpose, the teams divide into two groups of two, forming a man-woman and a man-man group. One group does the workout, and then the other. The order does not matter.
•    By high-fiving, one group passes to the next behind the start/finish line.
•    Within the groups, the workouts are done I-Go-You-Go (IGYG) style. Here it is up to the teams how they want to divide.
•    For each block of a movement, each athlete must complete at least one repetition. The exception is rowing, which only one athlete may complete.

Demo Video: