Strength (5.7.2023, Wednesday)

Strength (5.7.2023, Wednesday)


Workout Part 1 – Clean Sprint:


Sprint across the runway with the following three cleans 
Men: 70, 80, 90 kg
Women 40, 50, 60 kg

Workout Part 2 - Clean Leader:
Single clean over 10 positions, with 2 minutes for each 
Men: 100/110/120/130/135/140/145/150/155/160 kg
Women: 70/80/85/90/92,5/95/97,5/100/102,5/105 kg

Part 1: Represents the tiebreak if more than one athlete finishes Part 2 with the same weight.
Part 2: All weights in the clean ladder sequence must be successfully lifted. Each weight must be lifted once. The highest successfully lifted weight is the deciding factor at the end.

Part 1: One man and one woman will compete for the team in Part 1 in parallel. The next barbell may be moved as soon as both have successfully cleaned up the previous barbell. Time is stopped for the second who reaches the finish.
Part 2: All four team members will compete. The highest achieved weights of all four are added up. The sum of all weights represents the achieved result from Part 2. If two or more teams are equal, the result from Part 1 decides the order.

Demo Video: