First German NH90 NTH Sea Lion handed over to the Bundeswehr

First German NH90 NTH Sea Lion handed over to the Bundeswehr

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  • Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support
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Almost four years after signing the contract, the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has now taken over the first NH90 NTH Sea Lion from the manufacturer, Airbus Helictopters.

One military helicopter on the ground and one in the air

The first NH90 NTH Sea Lion has been handed over

Airbus Helicopters/Patrick Heinz

After intensive negotiations, the procurement contract was concluded in 2015. Today, the Bundeswehr has set the course for a timely replacement of the ageing Sea King navy helicopter.

Usually, the average time required for this development is seven years. It then takes another three years for planning, drawing up the statement of work and the contract, and budgeting. This adds up to a total of ten years. It is therefore even more impressive that this project has been implemented so quickly.

It took four years instead of ten!

This fast implementation was possible because the Sea Lion is based on the NH90 basic type and also thanks to the purposeful cooperation of the highly motivated personnel of BAAINBw, the Navy and the manufacturer.

A military helicopter in flight, seen from below

An impressive sight: the NH90 NTH helicopter in its element

Airbus Helicopters/Patrick Heinz

Having been taken over by BAAINBw, the Sea Lion will enter service with the German Navy in a few weeks’ time, as soon as the future crews have completed their training, and herald the era of a new helicopter generation for the naval aviation forces.

Helicopter in the air over trees

NH 90NATO Helicopter 90 Armaments Project

Starting from a common baseline helicopter, two basic versions were developed: a navy helicopter and a transport helicopter.