80 medium protected medical vehicles

80 medium protected medical vehicles

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The Bundeswehr is to receive more medical vehicles. The contract for the production and delivery of 80 medium protected medical vehicles was recently signed at the Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr (Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support). The vehicle, which is based on Eagle 6x6, will be used in the Bundeswehr Medical Service and in the Navy.

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A new era in the field of casualty evacuation: Eagle 6x6 as medium protected medical vehicle

Kai Weber, GDELS-BS

The protected all-wheel drive vehicle will mainly be used for mobile initial medical treatment. Whether on site or between different treatment facilities, the Eagle will be used as a link in the context of the so-called qualified medical evacuation. The vehicles are expected to be fielded in 2021.

An expedient addition to the fleet

"The new vehicle will supplement the light and heavy armored medical vehicles Eagle IV BATBeweglicher Arzttrupp and MRAV Boxer. It will enable us to provide a new level of ground-based medical care," says LtC Klaus Krickl from the Bundeswehr Medical Service Headquarters. It also fulfills the current requirements - protection, mobility, medical functions and transport capacity - at a permissible total weight of 20 tons.

Plenty of space for medical personnel and patients

Up to two prone casualties of all degrees of severity can be transported in the medical vehicle. The interior offers enough space for medical personnel to monitor and maintain the patient’s vital functions. The vehicle crew will consist of personnel with different types of medical training depending on the mission. In the operational variant "medical team", two independent medics will care for casualties on their own, the variant "mobile emergency physician team" includes an emergency physician.

Best possible protection for the vehicle occupants

The medical vehicle secures and enhances the ground-based medical support capabilities of the Bundeswehr. Not only does the Eagle guarantee very modern medical care for the patients. The occupants can also rely on the best possible protection. The armor protects them against mines and IEDs.

Three axles for extremely high mobility

The design focused on a very high degree of operational and tactical mobility. At the same time, the casualties should be transported as gently as possible. This is a challenge, particularly when driving through difficult terrain. It is possible due to a specially designed running gear with an extended chassis with a third axle.

Another capability gap is closed

The successful contract conclusion in the context of the project implementation closes another capability gap. The experience gained during the management of the contract and the project can be successfully used and applied in other projects.

by Dennis König

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