Soldaten steigen in A400M

About Bundeswehr

The Bundeswehr has more than 260,000 personnel, including women and men in uniform as well as civilian staff. Together, they often carry out dangerous duties at home and abroad. Operations are always based on political mandates. All members of the Bundeswehr therefore confidently express this commitment: “United we serve Germany”.

Truppenküche in Storkow

Figures about Bundeswehr

Did you know…? Test your knowledge of dining facilities, messing and top-level military sport.

Zwei Soldaten auf einem Waffenträger Wiesel im Gelände, im Hintergrund fahren zwei Panzer

Mission and Tasks of the Bundeswehr

Since the end of the Cold War, the demands on German security and defence policy have fundamentally changed.

Soldaten mit Fackeln bei Dunkelheit

The Identity of the Bundeswehr

There is more to the Bundeswehr than weapons and equipment, more than commands and obedience.

Ein Soldat steht mit einem Flyer in der Hand auf einem Gelände mit mehreren Bundeswehrfahrzeugen und schaut sich um.


The history of the Bundeswehr stretches from the armed forces in the Cold War era through German reunification to an army on operations.

Ein Soldat berührt eine Namensstele im „Wald der Erinnerung“.

In Remembrance of the Bundeswehr’s Dead

Those who lost their lives while dutifully performing their service deserve worthy commemoration. They have made the ultimate sacrifice for our society: their lives.

Mehrere bewaffnete Soldaten bewegen sich im Gelände.

Ranks and Careers

A hierarchical structure: the Bundeswehr ranks indicate the position of military personnel within the organisation.


The Bundeswehr Reserve

Information at a glance on the Bundeswehr Reserve.

Angetretene Soldaten

Terms: The Bundeswehr from A to Z

We have collected the most common military terms and compiled this glossary.