Digital Accessibility Statement

The Bundeswehr strives to make its web presence and mobile app accessible to everyone.

The Bundeswehr’s accessibility statement

This Digital Accessibility Statement meets the requirements of Berlin’s law on accessible information and communications technology (Gesetz über die barrierefreie Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik Berlin – BIKTG Bln). The technical requirements for accessibility are derived from the Ordinance on Accessible Information Technology (BITV  2.0).

This Digital Accessibility Statement applies to the content offered in the Bundeswehr’s web presence.

When was the Digital Accessibility Statement drawn up?

This statement was drawn up or revised on 21 November 2019.

The digital accessibility was reviewed within the scope of technical implementation by BWI GmbH , the Bundeswehr’s IT service provider.

How accessible is this web presence?

This web presence is partially accessible. It partially fulfils the requirements of the Ordinance on Accessible Information Technology (BITV 2.0).

Which parts are not accessible?

  1. Barrier: Audio files without alternatives
    Description: There are few or no alternatives to audio files and videos without sound.

  2. Barrier: Videos without subtitles
    Description: Videos with sound do not have the necessary subtitles.

  3. Barrier: Videos without audio description and/or a full text alternative
    Description: Videos containing image-heavy segments need an alternative to the image because the sound is not enough to allow full comprehension.

  4. Barrier: Forms do not use autocomplete
    Description: Forms are missing the autocomplete attribute, and this makes them more difficult to fill out.

  5. Barrier: Empty alt attributes for layout graphics
    Description: The armed services navigation is missing the empty alternative texts, which causes screen readers to read out the document name for the images.

  6. Barrier: Not all PDFs are accessible
    Description: New PDF files are to be prepared in an accessible version, and older ones are to be replaced with an accessible version.

Plans are currently underway to eliminate these known problems. As soon as planning is complete, the plans will be published on this site.

Who is the point of contact for comments or questions about digital accessibility?

Have you noticed problems with the accessibility of content on Feel free to contact us. Please use the contact form for this purpose.

Contacting the Arbitration Service

If you believe that you are being put at a disadvantage because does not have a sufficiently accessible design, you can contact the Arbitration Service according to the German Act on Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (BGG).

Arbitration Service according to the German Act on Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities
Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities
Mauerstraße 53
10117 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 18 527-2805