• expanding values ​​& partnership

    Talisman Sabre 23: The Army is mission-ready around the globe.

    With this exercise, the Army shows that we stand shoulder to shoulder with partners in the Indo-Pacific region who share our values.

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  • Collective defence

    Army forces with advanced basic capabilities for special operations

    In 2023, 37 Armoured Infantry Brigade is part of NATO's rapid response force known as the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTFVery High Readiness Joint Task Force ).

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  • What's going on in the Army?

    We are ready for combat: With tanks, helicopters or Infantry - that's the Army.

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The particular capabilities of Army soldiers serve the purposes of national and collective defence operations and are requested on a sound legal basis in certain situations and for operations at home and abroad.



The Army is the mainstay of land operations as well as the operations of airmobile and air-mechanised forces.



The diversity of the German Army is reflected in its different branches. The women and men in uniform of the individual branches each have their own distinct set of skills and capabilities, yet they are at their strongest and most successful only when they work together.