To which guiding principles are we committed and what do they mean for the future? The answers to these questions influence the structure of the Army.

We are the Army

We cover the entire task spectrum, from high-intensity combat and stability operations to training and emergency assistance.

We provide operationally ready forces for international conflict prevention and crisis management and for national and collective defence.

We are able to globally support humanitarian aid operations.

We make an essential contribution to homeland defence and disaster relief.

We live each day by the principle of multinationality and we are proud of the things we achieve together.

We are courageous, reliable and well-trained. A particular characteristic of our Army men and women is their willingness and ability to fight.

On operations, we are always in the thick of it – even when things get tricky. Shoulder to shoulder with our partners and the local population. But also eye to eye with the adversary.

On operations, modern weapon systems provide us with the best-possible protection and enable us to achieve precision effects.

Mental and physical fitness are essential for prevailing, especially on operations.

We are prepared to fight and to risk our lives if the mission requires it.

We know that on land operations, we may risk life and limb – all of our strength and our undivided attention is required.

The last mile belongs to Army soldiers – nobody else ventures here!

Camaraderie forms the strong bonds that support and sustain us, especially when times are hard.

On operations and in combat, we have to make enormously consequential decisions and endure great strain.

We look out for and are responsible for one another, and we are each other’s keepers.

Our families are the cornerstones of cohesion within our units. That is why the compatibility of family and duty is very important for us.

We are a modern Army that does not rest on its laurels but continues to develop itself.

We are able to fight, protect, assist and mediate on a global scale and under highly diverse conditions.

We cooperate with a large number of military and civilian partners and share our experiences.

We provide our soldiers of the reserve with a military home unit.

For us, good training is the key to success.


As the core of the land forces and mainstay of land operations, the German Army includes more than 100 agencies. Here is an overview of the Army in the ARMY2011 structure as well as links to selected agencies of the Bundeswehr’s largest single service.



The diversity of the Army is reflected in its different branches. The women and men in uniform of the individual branches each have their own special set of capabilities and skills, but their strength and success is based on cooperation.


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