In Remembrance of the Bundeswehr’s Dead

Those who lost their lives while dutifully performing their service deserve worthy commemoration. They have made the ultimate sacrifice for our society: their lives.

Ein Soldat berührt eine Namensstele im „Wald der Erinnerung“.

Space for remembrance

While other nations build military cemeteries in remembrance of their personnel, Germany takes a different approach. Here, the deceased return for one last time to their loved ones, who then bring them to their graves. Instead of military cemeteries, the Bundeswehr creates public spaces to commemorate its dead because German servicemen and women are from the middle of society. The Bundeswehr Memorial and the Forest of Remembrance are not about hero worship but above all about respect.

Inscription in relief at the Bundeswehr Memorial
In memory of those in our Bundeswehr who died for peace, justice and freedom
  • Ein Blumengesteck liegt im Raum der Stille im Ehrenmal der Bundeswehr

    The Bundeswehr Memorial

    Since 1955, some 3,200 men and women have lost their lives in the line of duty. The Bundeswehr Memorial is dedicated to all of them.

  • Erkennungsmarke eines Bundeswehrsoldaten auf dem Waldboden

    The Forest of Remembrance

    The Forest of Remembrance near Potsdam is dedicated to the Bundeswehr’s dead. It is a place for personal grief.

Deaths in the line of duty

No distinction is made based on cause of death among the deceased Bundeswehr personnel whose names are listed on the Bundeswehr Memorial. The deciding factor is the connection between their performance of duty and their death. Overall, the total figures for deaths since the establishment of the Bundeswehr are as follows:

Deaths in the Bundeswehr

An overview of figures on deaths in the Bundeswehr since 1955.