Two crossed swords are set on a red field; centred underneath, a white letter A stands for Ausbildung, or training.

Army Training Command

Located in the Saxon city of Leipzig, the German Army Training Command is responsible for the overall planning and control of leadership training and follow-on training in the German Army. That includes the Army Officer School, the Army Non-Commissioned Officer School, the Army training centres, and the branch schools.

Platoon training, 411 Armoured Infantry Battalion


The German Army Training Command is part of the command and control organisation of the German Army. It is responsible for training in the German Army and exercises command authority over all Army schools and training facilities. Training is thus centrally coordinated and conducted in line with the principle of “single-source training”.

At the schools and training centres, future military command personnel are trained and branch-specific, course-based post-related and individual training takes place. In addition, four central training facilities are subordinated to Army Training Command, which also provide international and interagency training for all major organisational areas of the Bundeswehr. These are the Army Warfighting Simulation Centre, the Army Combat Training Centre, the Bundeswehr United Nations Training Centre and the Air Manoeuvre Training Centre.

The special characteristics of the schools, training centres and central training facilities are reflected in the structure of Army Training Command headquarters. In addition to administrative control, two training divisions assist the commander and the deputy commander in their command and control tasks to assume responsibility for specialist training in the German Army.

Facts and figures

Motto of the German Army Training Command
Ausbildung mit Leidenschaft [Dedicated to Training]


  • A portrait photo of the Commander, Army Training Command, Major General Michael Hochwart, in uniform

    Major General Michael Hochwart

    Major General Michael Hochwart has commanded the Army Training Command, located in the Saxon city of Leipzig, since September 2021.


For the purpose of task accomplishment, the following agencies are directly subordinate to the German Army Training Command:

Infantry Training Centre

Munster Training Centre

Engineer Training Centre

Special Operations Training Centre

Land Systems Technology Training Centre

Air Manoeuvre Training and Exercise Centre

Army Warfighting Simulation Centre

Army Combat Training Centre

International Helicopter Training Centre

Army Officer School

Army Non-Commissioned Officer School

Bundeswehr United Nations Training Centre

United Nation Training Centre

The United Nations Training Centre in Hammelburg, Bavaria, is a multinational, interagency training facility for pre-deployment training with a special Focus on action and response training.


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