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Bundeswehr United Nations Training Centre

The Bundeswehr United Nations Training Centre in Hammelburg and Wildflecken, Bavaria, is a training facility of the German Army that specialises in pre-deployment training. The training mainly takes place as practical action and response training and is based on the realistic employment and interaction of role players.


The DEU UNTC conducts joint and interagency pre-deployment training for military and civilian personnel of the Bundeswehr and of partner nations and organisations.


The DEU UNTC provides requirement-oriented hands-on training in close cooperation with NATO, the United Nations as well as national and international partners that is based on modern training technologies and agreed quality standards in order to prepare military and civilian personnel effectively for the missions of today and tomorrow. DEU UNTC – empowering for challenges.

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Our quality policy

The Bundeswehr United Nations Training Center (DEU UNTC) has been a NATO-accredited training facility since 2017. 

Our center is committed to providing quality education using organizational management processes and procedures to achieve excellence in all aspects of its operations. Through a continuous quality improvement of the training, the participants are always offered a practical top-quality and up-to-date training. 

Our quality processes apply to the three key areas: leadership and management, personnel/trainer development and the formulation and provision of specifications and are controlled and monitored by an effective quality assurance system. 

The DEU UNTC understands quality as a continuous process that not only relies on appropriate standards and resources, but above all on continuous quality monitoring and development. Therefore, the DEU UNTC is committed to continuous quality assurance and improvement. 

The conceptual basis of our quality management system is our Quality Assurance Policy 2.0.

With our quality management system, we pursue the goal of proactively (future-oriented) and reactively (past- and present-oriented) working together with all members of the center, national and international training participants, as well as external Subject Matter Experts (SME) and stakeholders.

Our center aims to more than meet the required standards of the German Armed Forces, NATO and the United Nations in training and education with a uniform system approach to the establishment, implementation and further development of training and education projects.

Training participants are welcome to read our Quality Assurance Policy on site if they have further interest.


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