Defense materiel in service use

Defense materiel in service use

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WIWeB supports newly developed and fielded projects with materiel protection concepts and specific test procedures throughout the entire life cycle of the device or equipment. In case of damage, WIWeB can identify the causes and thus help to avoid such occurrences in the future. A particular focus is on regular on-condition monitoring of the materiel, e.g. by ultrasonic testing.

In order to ensure the long-term use of Bundeswehr equipment, WIWeB develops concepts for materiel protection and protection during storage and transportation and implements these concepts together with military agencies. Moreover, WIWeB makes lifetime predictions for individual components in order to determine how long and how intensively an equipment item can be used. Another focus of work at WIWeB is on repairs, both in its repair center in Germany and in the theaters of operations.

The Bundeswehr Hazardous Substance Measurement Office South, which is part of WIWeB, is the central point of contact for civilian and military Bundeswehr personnel in all matters relating to environmental protection and occupational safety and health. It conducts workplace measurements in barracks, civilian buildings and in the Bundeswehr theaters of operations and ensures the safe handling of hazardous substances by conducting environmental analyses. As a precaution, WIWeB examines the materials for potential hazards already prior to their employment to ensure they will be tolerated by human beings.

In addition, WIWeB prepares expert reports on the extension of the shelf life and service life of fabrics relevant for aviation safety after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty period and thus helps to reduce procurement costs.