Directorate III - Resources and Implementation

Directorate III - Resources and Implementation

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Directorate III - Resources and Implementation


Directorate III – Resources and Implementation

To put it simply, the “Implementation of Integrated Planning” process goes from the first step, “This is what I need”, to the final one, “And I’m getting it”. Implementing the projects planned requires budget funds, which come from departmental budget 14 of the federal budget – the defence budget. This applies not only to the procurement of military equipment but also to all other planning categories such as personnel, infrastructure and the Bundeswehr’s operating expenses, which include training, exercises, spare parts procurement and services, for example.

At the Federal Ministry of Defence, tasks related to the planning process are performed by the Directorate-General for Planning in cooperation with the Directorate-General for Budget and Controlling. Directorate III of the Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning provides assistance in accordance with a generally predefined timeline. The work in “Resources and Implementation” starts with determining the Bundeswehr’s requirements. The Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning is the Bundeswehr’s only official requesting authority and records all its requirements in a large database once a year. This “requirement update” marks the first step towards the defence budget. Quality assurance for this data collection is then carried out in cooperation with the numerous experts in the Bundeswehr, both in the major organisational elements and in the supplying resource offices. While quality assurance also involves checking whether the figures reported are correct, the main focus is on reviewing whether the individual requests are still plausible when considered in a functionally coherent, Bundeswehr-wide system.

At the same time, Directorate III of the Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning is responsible for managing the entire “Implementation of Integrated Planning” output process and for the “Planning” main process, which lays the foundation for comprehensive ITInformationstechnik implementation of software solutions from the standard application software product families (SASPFStandard-Anwendungs-Software-Produkt-Familien). The focus here is on providing technical assistance in setting up consistent ITInformationstechnik support for the planning process.

Directorate III is also tasked with preparation and further development of planning support methods for the areas of life cycle cost management, risk management and resource estimation in the planning process.

In addition, it manages the “Provide Mission-Ready Forces” output process including technical development, implementation and analysis of the operational readiness situation to support the Directorate-General for Forces Policy in the Federal Ministry of Defence.