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Christina Sonntag
The DRK provides our equipment. This includes my personal protective equipment and Cisco’s service dog vest. Should Cisco be injured during training or service, they also bear the costs. Costs for special training courses are added to the normal costs for a dog. For instance, we take part in a special snow training in the Allgäu region every winter. There are also numerous opportunities to take part in special intensive training courses during the rest of the year. We often finance this ourselves. At first I actually wrote down every sum I spent on Cisco. But at some point I gave up. The largest acquisition was a new car. The boot of my old car was simply too small for the dog and the equipment. ufgeschrieben. Irgendwann habe ich es aufgegeben. Die teuerste Anschaffung war ein neues Auto. Bei meinem alten Auto war einfach der Kofferraum für Hund und Ausrüstung zu klein.