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The Fairchhild A-10 is a twin-engine ground combat aircraft and is used for battlefield interdiction. This has a length of about 16.26 meters, and a wingspan of about 17.42 meters. The American aircraft has an empty weight of about 9,775 kilograms and reaches a top speed of 706 km/h at sea level

You can see an A-10 aircraft in the middle of a blue sky.

The A-10 was designed for easy maintenance, so many components are replaceable.

DoD/Spc. Dominic Trujillo

The ground combat aircraft is used for direct close air support of own troops above the battlefield. The so-called "warthog" is said to be capable of carrying a diverse weapons load and, thanks to the aircraft's maneuverability, is operational on short and on poor runways. In addition, many parts are interchangeable, such as the engines, main landing gear and vertical stabilizers. In addition, the aircraft has a large combat radius and the ability to operate in restrictive weather conditions. For years, the A-10 was indispensable to U.S. forces. Thus, in the early 2000s, there was an overhaul by the A-10C with improved avionics.

Technical data:

Length:16,26 meters
Wing span:17,42 meters
Height:4,42 meters
max. take-off mass:22.950 kilogram
Maximum speed:706 km/h