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The C295M is a medium-range, twin-engine, multi-role transport aircraft. The original manufacturer, the Spanish company CASA (Construcciones Aeronáuticas S.A.), founded in 1923, is now part of the European Airbus Group.




To date, more than 180 C295M aircraft have been built in various versions for armed forces and government organizations in 26 countries. In addition to the C295M transport version, for which an air-to-air refueling kit is also available, there is also the C295MSA "Persuader" maritime surveillance version and the C295SAR search-and-rescue version, among others.

The Finnish Air Force operates three C295Ms. One of the aircraft is equipped for a surveillance role. An integrated defense system provides protection against shoulder-launched missiles and other threats. The aircraft can operate from extremely short and narrow runways. The minimum runway lengths for takeoff and landing are 670 and 320 meters, respectively.

The wide tail ramp can also be used to load bulky cargo into the cabin, which is nearly 13 meters long and 1.90 meters high. The cabin can be flexibly equipped for mixed cargo and passenger transport or pure cargo or passenger operations. The C295M can carry the maximum payload of 10,000 kilograms.

The C295M is the further development of the 45-seater CASA / IPTN CN235M, with an extended fuselage, more powerful engines and an approximately 50 percent higher payload.

Technical data:



24,50 meters


8,70 meters

Wing span:

25,90 meters

Maximum take-off weight:

23.200 kilogram

Cruising speed:

470 km/h

Flight altitude:

9.000 meters