DA20 Falcon

DA20 Falcon

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The DA20 Falcon is a twin-engine aircraft manufactured by Dassault of France.

Flacon 20_Norwegen

DA 20 Falcon

Carsten Vennemann

It is a low-wing monoplane. The fuselage has a circular cross-section that contains a pressurized cabin and carries the side-mounted engines at the rear.
The Jet Falcons are attached to the Norwegian Air Force, Luftforsvaret, under Squadron 717, which represents Norway's capabilities in airborne electronic warfare. The squadron is based at Gardermoen Air Defence Base. They are used for jamming and blocking enemy radar and radio, as well as for electronic warfare exercises with national and allied forces.

Technical data:

DA-20 Jet Falcon


17,20 meters


5,30 meters

Wing span:

16,30 meters

Maximum take-off weight:

ca. 13.000 kilogram

Maximum speed:

888 km/h

Number of passengers: