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The Boeing C-17 Globemaster III has been in service for the United States Air Force since 1993. It is a multifunctional four-engine transport aircraft. Nine other nations have now equipped their forces with this aircraft.

A grey military transport aircraft taking off at an airfield.

A Hungarian C-17 takes off from NATO airfield Ämari/Estonia as part of the reinforcement of the Air Policing mission in the Baltic States on 01.12.2016.

Bundeswehr/Christian Timmig

The military transport aircraft is made by McDonnell Douglas, which was acquired by Boeing in 1997. Production of the Boeing C-17 was discontinued in 2015.

Technical data:

 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III
Crew:Commander, Co-Pilot, Loadmaster
Length:53,04 Meter
Wing Span:50,29 Meter
Max. Tailor Weight:263.083 kg
Max. Load:77.519 kg
March Speed:
  • 818 km/h (at 10.975 Meter altitude)
  • 650 km/h (at sea level)
  • approx. 5.100 km (at 49.895 kg payload)
  • 4.450 km (at maximum payload)
  • global with air refueling
by Hülya Süzen