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The Kawasaki C-2 serves as a military transport aircraft. Produced by the Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki, the aircraft has a length of about 43.90 meters. The wingspan, on the other hand, is about 44.4 meters. The height of the aircraft is about 14.2 meters.

You can see a flying C-2 plane in the middle of a blue sky and clouds.

Development of the C-2 began in 2001 and had its first flight in 2010.


The aircraft, which was developed and manufactured in Japan, can carry heavier loads and perform tasks such as international cooperation thanks to its increased cargo space. The first flight of the twin-engine shoulder-wing aircraft took place in 2010. The C-2 is capable of transporting troops, dropping supplies and performing medical evacuations, even in hostile environments. Even compromised runways, such as those caused by grass, snow or mud, can be handled by the aircraft.

Technical data:



43,90 meters

Wing span:

40,40 meters


14,20 meters

Service ceiling:

12.200 meters

Maximum speed:

980 km/h