Control Center for Welding Engineering

Control Center for Welding Engineering

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The Bundeswehr Control Center for Welding Engineering is another WIWeBWehrwissenschaftliches Institut für Werk- und Betriebsstoffe facility. It deals with all regulations and requirements for welding operations in the Bundeswehr and is responsible for monitoring their compliance.

Manufacture and maintenance of defense products must meet defined quality standards due to the static and dynamic stresses acting on these products, their applications and the special safety and reliability requirements applicable to the products. Consequently, all companies conducting welding operations on defense products must obtain a special manufacturer qualification certificate in accordance with DINDeutsches Institut für Normung 2303, “Welding and Allied Processes – Quality Requirements for Production and Maintenance Companies for Military Products”.

These certificates are issued by organizations recognized by the Bundeswehr Control Center for Welding Engineering.

Tasks and activities of the Bundeswehr Control Center for Welding Engineering

  • Responsible management of DINDeutsches Institut für Normung 2303
  • Designation of recognized organizations
  • Provision of advice, coordination and guidelines for the work of the recognized organizations with regard to DINDeutsches Institut für Normung 2303
  • Preparation of a work instruction to provide the recognized organizations with internal reference material that supplements DINDeutsches Institut für Normung 2303
  • Representation of Bundeswehr interests vis-á-vis the DINDeutsches Institut für Normung Standards Committee for Shipbuilding and Marine Technology
  • Responsible management and updating of Volume 1050 of the Construction Regulations for German Navy Ships (BV 1050), “Erzeugnisse aus metallischen Werkstoffen, Schweißzusätze und Schweißhilfsstoffe, Qualifikation und Schweißverbindungen” (Products made from metallic materials, filler materials and welding consumables, qualification and welded joints)
  • Qualification and approval of new metallic materials and filler materials in accordance with BV 1050
  • Support of major Bundeswehr projects with regard to welding

Additional Information

Manufacturer Qualification - German version (PDF, 622.8 KB)
Manufacturer Qualification Certificates for Parent Materials in Accordance with BV 1050 - German version (PDF, 10.3 KB)
List of Companies Authorized to Manufacture and Deliver Welding Consumables - German Version (PDF, 12.7 KB)