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The DEU AirC2 TC is responsible for the promotion of Air Command and Control (AirC2) skills amongst the German Armed Forces and its partners. As an education and training facility contributing to NATO, we provide high quality training to meet the alliance's quantitative and qualitative targets in the field of AirC2.


The DEU AirC2 TC constantly implements new areas of knowledge that expand the spectrum of AirC2 in order to make these available in form of new lessons or additional training courses . To strengthen the multinational visibility the close cooperation to Deployable Air Command and Control Centre  (DACCC) and Air Operation Centre of Excellence (AO CoE) as well as the coordination with other international command posts and comparable entities is our special focus . The awareness about the DEU AirC2 TC shall be further increased through the participation in multinational symposia , meetings and conferences.


DEU AirC2 TC`s efforts to fulfil the ambitious challenges described above, led to a further Milestone in the third Quarter 2020 when NATO accredited the training facility without any caveats.


We are the leading training institution for AirC2 in Northern Europe. We provide best practice training according to NATO standards to warrant a constant high quality education for the development of AirC2 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for us and our partners. We offer the right training at the right time in the right location and in the quantity needed by the alliance. We offer a state of the art training environment and training contents. We are commited to promote the "Team AirC2", provide excellent service and expertise to our customers and are open for multinational cooperation.

Training offered

DEU AirC2 TC offers courses, modules and seminars to address all relevant aspects on the orchestration of AirC2. For this purpose, all training courses are based on NATO standards and offered to all NATO and partner nations military personnel. Course participants learn how their actions may contribute to the successful conduct of a joint campaign. Workload permitting, DEU AirC2 TC also offers local support through Mobile Training Teams (MTT).

The DEU AirC2 TC cooperates with the other AirC2 training facilities, i.e. Deployable Air Command and Control Centre (DACCC) in Poggio Renatico, Italy and Air Operation Centre of Excellence (AO CoE) in Lyon, France. Standardization and harmonization of training contents ensure a common training level.

The DEU AirC2 TC was established mid-2013, following the experiences made during NATO Operation Unified Protector and the German Air Force's commitment to the NATO Response Force 2012. It continuously adjusts its course contents to reflect the latest lessons learned from current operations and incorporate the latest NATO standards and doctrines.

DEU AirC2 TC offers its excellence to all interested partner nations free of any course fees.

For information, that is more detailed take a look into DEU AirC2 TC’s Flyer.