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The Boeing KC-46 Pegasus is a tanker, passenger and cargo transport aircraft. This has about a length of 48.5 meters, and wingspan of 47.5 meters. The aircraft originates from the United States and reaches a maximum speed of 915 km/h. The tanker has a maximum fuel capacity of about 96,297 kg and up to 94,198 kg for air refueling.

You can see a K-46 machine taking off.

A K-46A can dispense up to 4540 liters per minute via its tank booms

DoD/Staff Sgt. Nathan Eckert

The American aerial refueling aircraft is used by the United States, Japan, Israel and Italy. It has been under development since 2011 and made its first flight in December 2014 with a test aircraft. The KC-46 delivers more fuel at all ranges than its predecessors. To do so, the aircraft requires less ramp space as well as shorter runways unlike competing tankers. There are 15 seats for the flight crew, including aeromedical evacuation crew.

Technical data:

Length:48,5 meters
Wing range:47,5 meters
Height:15,5 meters
Max. take-off mass:188.240 kilogram
Maximum speed:915 km/h
Service ceiling:12.200 meters