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The mission of the binational squadron focuses on:

  • joint air transport across the entire logistical and tactical spectrum
  • support for special forces operations
  • mutual support in the event of a crisis and in the conduct of national missions

The German-French Air Transport Squadron carries out tactical air transport missions at airfields or unpaved landing zones with greatly reduced infrastructure. It thus closes the capability gap in tactical air transport identified by a 2016 study report that had analyzed the impacts resulting from the decommissioning of the C-160 Transall in 2021. Nevertheless, the Super Hercules is not a direct successor to the C-160 Transall. The binational Air Transport Squadron Rhein/Rhin is tasked with carrying out missions within the framework of national crisis management to protect German nationals abroad and support special operations.

It is also able to refuel other aircraft, including helicopters, in the air with the KC-130J aircraft of its fleet. Global tactical air transport is coordinated by the European Air Transport Command.