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The MQ-9 Reaper is a reconnaissance and attack drone from a USUnited States manufacturer. This has about a length of 10.97 meters, and the wingspan of 20.12 meters. The drone has a maximum flight time of about 24 hours and reaches a maximum speed of about 482 km/h.

You can see a landing MQ-9 aircraft on a runway in front of a collection of mountains.

The remote-controlled MQ-9 can be disassembled and stowed in a container for worldwide operations

DoD/Senior Master Sgt. Paul Holcomb

The MQ-9 is used by Australia, Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. The remotely piloted aircraft system is used for reconnaissance, air support and attacks with precision weapons. In addition to the flying object, which is equipped with sensors and weapons, it also includes a ground control station. In its standard version, the "Reaper" can fly for up to 24 hours and, when refueled with additional tanks, increase the maximum flight time to about 40 hours.

Technical data:



10,97 meters

Wing span:

20,12 meters


3,8 meters

Max. take-off mass:

4.763 kilogram

Max. speed:

482 km/h

Service ceiling:

15.400 meters

Fuel capacity:

1.815 kilogram

Operational radius:

3.065 km