Medical Service
Medical forces provide medical care to a patient on a stretcher. Medical vehicle, mobile aid station with tent.

Task and self-image of the Bundeswehr Medical Service

Task of the Bundeswehr Medical Service is to ensure the provision of medical care to German armed forces around the world. This is a task upon which rests the operational readiness of the entire Bundeswehr. In whatever we do, our moral guideline is the motto of our self-image: Committed to Humanity.

We provide medical care to the armed forces

We ensure medical care for German armed forces around the world. However, the provision of health care to our service members on operations does not just start on site. By preventive measures, like for instance vaccinations, we ensure that forces receive the best possible protection against health hazards already prior to their arrival in the country of deployment.

Schematic diagram of the medical evacuation chain with its different Roles

The medical evacuation chain is an essential component of the Bundeswehr Medical Service's tasks


Our qualified specialist personnel are guarantor for the provision of medical care to our service men and women in the country of deployment. We provide care to wounded, injured, and sick service men and women along the medical evacuation chain. It ranges from self and buddy aid, to treatment in the theatres of operations, to final treatment and rehabilitation in Germany. The quality of medical care provided corresponds to medical standards in Germany.

Our veterinarians and preventive medicine NCOs provide for hygiene, also under adverse conditions. They check the quality of water and food and the cleanliness of the sanitary facilities and protect our deployed service men and women against small and larger animals in the country of deployment. For us, the end of deployment does not mean the end of health care. In the follow-up, all men and women are examined for health impairments.

We achieve and maintain operational readiness

Our regional medical treatment facilities and Bundeswehr hospitals provide the basis for the provision of medical care to all service men and women of the Bundeswehr. At the same time, specialist personnel are qualified for their tasks in Germany and abroad every single day. The broad medical specialist expertise and the close orientation towards the medical standards taught at civilian universities qualify our regional medical treatment facilities and Bundeswehr hospitals as outstanding facilities for training and follow-on training. Furthermore, Bundeswehr hospitals are firmly integrated in the regional civilian health care system.

The institutes of the Bundeswehr Medical Service carry out research for the purpose of protecting health and treating disorders/diseases. Owing to their expertise, our research institutes are highly esteemed partners in medical research.

The Bundeswehr Medical Academy in Munich is the centre of excellence for medical research, development, and training in the Bundeswehr. Numerous international cooperation projects with civilian and military training and research facilities bear witness to high quality standards.

We are medical ally

Be it mandated deployments abroad, national and collective defence, or assistance within the scope of disaster control and civil protection – with our medical treatment facilities we ensure the high-quality medical care for all employment options of the Bundeswehr.

The Multinational Medical Coordination Centre / European Medical Command (MMCCMultinational Medical Coordination Centre/EMCEuropean Medical Command) coordinates the capabilities of the military medical services of NATO and EU nations. The keyword here is interoperability. It means that medical personnel from different states can smoothly work together even across language barriers.