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Deputy Command Surgeon USAREUR HQ visits MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility

Deputy Command Surgeon USAREUR HQ visits MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility

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Farewell visit to Koblenz – in the light of the forthcoming change of post of the Deputy Command Surgeon at the Headquarters of the United States Army in Europe (HQ USAREUR) in Wiesbaden, Colonel Steve Birchfield visited the Multinational Medical Coordination Centre / European Medical Command (MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility) at the Rhine Barracks in Koblenz.

Two men greet each other with the elbow bump

In times of the Corona pandemic, the future Deputy Command Surgeon at HQ USAREUR, Colonel Dennis Sarmiento, and the Director MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility, Brigadier (MC) Dr Stefan Kowitz, greet each other with the elbow bump

Bundeswehr/Madelaine Schillerwein

Together with his successor, Colonel Dennis Sarmiento, and Jason Reisler, the Chief of Global Health Engagement at HQ USAREUR, he obtained a picture of the current situation and mission of MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility.

Colonel Birchfield also used the visit for bidding a personal farewell to Brigadier, Medical Corps, Dr Stefan Kowitz. Both Senior Medical Service Officers have worked together closely and trustingly in recent years and have regularly exchanged expertise.

The visit gave the new Deputy Command Surgeon the opportunity to introduce himself to Brigadier (MC) Dr Kowitz shortly after arriving in Germany and after his mandatory quarantine.

Corona pandemic in the focus

During a two-hour briefing to familiarize Sarmiento with the organisational structure and tasks of MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility, common intersections were identified. In particular, the professional exchange on the handling of the corona pandemic was in the focus.

Both, Brigadier (MC) Dr Kowitz and Colonel Sarmiento underlined their intent to further intensify the cooperation between HQ USAREUR and MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility in the future.

by Madelaine Schillerwein

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