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In the sign of cooperation

In the sign of cooperation

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For the first time, representatives of the Medial Advisor Office of the U.S. Army Europe HQ from Stuttgart visited the MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility on 15.02.2022. Lieutenant Colonel Moore the Deputy Command Surgeon U.S. Army Europe HQ was accompanied by Colonel Dr. Sarmiento Deputy Command Surgeon USAREUR-AF HQ.

The head of the Multinational Medical Coordination Center/European Medical Command (MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility), Surgeon General Dr. Kowitz, thanked the participants for their close cooperation during the past year. In addition to presenting the tasks of the Koblenz office, he gave an insight into the further development and the associated increase in the operational readiness of the MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility in recent months. An overview of the current exercises, events, tasks and challenges rounded off the presentation.

Further cooperation as the aim

A female U.S. soldier and a German soldier sit next to each other at a table and talk

The regular presence of a liaison officer at the MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility as a link between the two services, in addition to the presentation of the operational readiness of the MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility, were topics of the meeting

Bundeswehr/Michael Laymann

"This visit symbolises the close relations between our American partners as well as the MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility. The most important point of the first visit from the American side in 2022 to the MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility is the joint future projects and the exploration of further fields of the already close cooperation," summarised Surgeon General Dr. Kowitz. Both the U.S. delegation and the representatives of the MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility agreed on the great importance of a direct liaison officer as a contact person and link for both sides. The vitality of the 2021 agreement, according to which an officer of the U.S. Army Medical Service is available in Koblenz once a week, was emphasised by both parties.

MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility provides medical situation picture and exercise participation

A female U.S. soldier and a German soldier sit next to each other at the head of a table and talk

The meeting was all about mutual support. The MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility provides important medical information for use in an emergency.

Bundeswehr/Michael Laymann

The possibilities of multinational resource management and operational readiness will be further improved through a deepened exchange of information. In addition to participation in exercises, the exchange of medical information is in the spotlight. Examples were highlighted in which the MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility was able to provide medical data and information based on its civilian and military expert network, e.g. in the evacuation operation from Afghanistan, in which a medical situation picture was created at short notice.  Uniform standards and interoperability are an important basis for multinational, multilateral, civil-military medical cooperation. Since the signing of the agreement in May 2021, the exchange has been significantly improved by the liaison officer of the United States partners.

by Rico Maderthoner

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