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MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility on the course for further success

MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility on the course for further success

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With Spain and Poland, another two nations have joined the Multinational Medical Coordination Centre / European Medical Command (MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility) in the last two weeks. Since the declaration of initial operational capability (IOC) in September 2019, the number of participating nations has increased from 14 to 18. The professional backbone of MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility's expertise are experts from all 18 nations.

Soldiers are holding their national flags

With Spain and Poland, altogether 18 nations have now joined the Multinational Medical Coordination Centre / European Medical Command (MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility)

Bundeswehr/Markus Dittrich

For the first time, representatives from Spain and Poland will participate in the next Steering Group Meeting in September. During this meeting, which - depending on the course of the COVID-19 pandemic - can also be held as video conference, working results of MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility, as for instance the common Medical Situational Awareness Concept, will be harmonised with the nations.

According to Brigadier Dr Stefan Kowitz, Director MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility, an important goal of the meeting will be to achieve even better coordination between the medical services participating in MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility in order to work together in the fight against future pandemics.

In recent months, MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility has excelled at the international level with various support services provided in the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility has lead responsibility for two projects under the German EU Council Presidency.

Resilient Response 2020

For the war game "Resilient Response 2020", a military tabletop exercise, MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility cooperates with the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats (Hybrid CoE) and the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance. From 24 to 26 November 2020, the agencies will train together how several countries can collectively respond to a pandemic threat when simultaneously also other threats (e.g. IT, cyber, and infrastructure) can occur. In this context, the intention is to integrate into the exercise first observations and experience from the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility' expertise in medical tabletop exercises is further enhanced in cooperation with multinational partners. However, the accomplishments of MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility do not only show in exercises.

Stockpiling of medical materiel

The current COVID-19 pandemic has shown that stockpiling medical materiel and supplies increases the response capability and resilience of civilian and military health care systems. Under the 2020 German EU Council Presidency, the Bundeswehr Medical Service in cooperation with MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility will develop modular medical materiel packages to be stockpiled for employment during outbreaks of infectious pathogens and epidemics. This concept is also known as "Military Modular Multipurpose Epidemic/Pandemic Stockpiling". Within the scope of resupply, hence, rapid materiel support of military medical facilities in theatre, in particular for EU Battle Group II/2020, can be ensured. In a subsequent step, the different modular, rapidly usable standard packages shall be further harmonised with the MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility nations.

In line with Germany's role as Framework Nation for MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility, the Bundeswehr Medical Service will demonstrate - in coordination with the 17 MMCC/EMCelectromagnetic compatibility partner nations - that we have the capability to act jointly.

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