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Modular system for a quick and flexible response to pandemics and epidemics

Modular system for a quick and flexible response to pandemics and epidemics


"Military Modular Multipurpose Epidemic/Pandemic Stockpiling" (M3-EPS) is an innovative modular concept for the stockpiling and management of medical materiel that was developed as a NATO and EU cooperation to support military medical treatment facilities in the areas of operations and civilian hospitals.

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M3-EPS consists of altogether seven modules some of which are employed independently of each other, while some others must be employed collectively.

Calculator, a core element

M3-EPS an the seven Main Modules in rhombus boxes

The Military Modular Multipurpose Epidemic / Pandemic Stockpiling (M3-EPS) consists of altogether seven modules


Another essential component of the stockpiling concept is a calculator that can reckon effectively and quickly required materiel quantities by using a calculation method.

Not only the module required, the number of patients, and the duration of treatment can be selected, from which a calculator calculates exactly the specific order quantities. Also the qualified storage area required for stockpiling for further waves of the COVID-19Coronavirus Disease 2019 or other pandemics/epidemics can be estimated. This enables estimations with regard to long-term stockpiling concepts.

The concept has already been shared with NATO and EU and many member nations. Initial procurements for, inter alia, the NATO operation plan "Allied Hand" or the European Battlegroup (EU BG) have already been realised by reference to this concept.

Beside exercise "Resilient Response 2020", "M3-EPS" is the second successfully implemented project.

by Rico Maderthoner

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