Two heavy-duty transporters loaded with tanks are parked on a street

Coordination of RSOI Operations

Before the start of deployment, extensive preparations have to be carried out. The earlier, the better. The National Territorial Commander has responsibility for this task, which consists of ensuring that in the event of a crisis, Bundeswehr forces and international allies can be employed at the right time and in the right place.

To implement this, he has specialist personnel under his command who are familiar with RSOI (reception, staging, onward movement and integration) operation scenarios and who are capable of planning and managing such operations. “Ready-to-use” procedures are available and, if needed, can quickly be adapted as required. These are plans for setting up and operating staging areas for units and formations during movement.

This includes the establishment of parking areas and storage sites for vehicles, material and equipment. Maintenance areas, POLPetrol, Oil and Lubricants (petroleum, oils, and lubricants) tanks and service points are also planned, where the force can rest and be provided with fuel, water, food, and medical care.

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