Multi-Domain Operations for the Bundeswehr

Multi-Domain Operations for the Bundeswehr

Multi-domain operations (MDO) have been a topic of discussion since at least 2017, and the trend is increasing. NATO agencies and partner nations have developed ideas and are carrying out their own activities concerning capability development.

Logo Multi Domain Operations

Logo MDO

Initial Concept for Multi-Domain Operations, NATO International Military Staff, 2022
Orchestration of military activities, across all domains and environments, synchronized with non-military activities, to enable the Alliance to create converging effects at the speed of relevance.“

This forms the basis for the conceptual approach to MDO in the Bundeswehr. The conceptual work is led by the Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning (BODP), working in close cooperation with the service branches and organisational elements.

Many descriptions of MDO highlight the technical elements and often include terms such as cloud, edge, artificial intelligence, and mass data handling. It is important to note, however, that MDO are not primarily a technical subject area.

Besides a high-quality material basis with appropriate functions and services, the ability to conduct MDO especially includes operational doctrine and principles, procedures, structures and training.

Enabling the Bundeswehr to conduct MDO will be a task for several generations. In view of the very demanding future face of war, this ability will determine the Bundeswehr’s significance in the Alliance and its capability to contribute to Allied defence.

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