Directorate II

Capability Management

Directorate II - Capability Management

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Directorate II - Capability Management


Directorate II – Capability Management

The Integrated Planning Process passes through the stages of strategic defence planning, capability management, and implementation of plans. Directorate II of the Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning is responsible for capability management.

“Capability Management” works based on the objectives for capability development, which it turns into specific projects for both new capabilities and existing capabilities to be maintained. This is basically a matter of identifying and analysing potential capability gaps, and translating them into specific projects. The three divisions of Directorate II record the capability gaps identified, prepare detailed descriptions of the gaps in terms of individual system requirements and classify them based on costs. This provides a basis for implementing projects in line with actual qualitative and quantitative requirements.

Division 1 looks into the capability gaps identified and draws on the Bundeswehr capability state to classify them for potential project implementation, while also considering financial planning.

Division 2 is responsible for conducting an initial detailed review. It verifies the necessity of the project and determines the Bundeswehr’s specific requirements. In addition, it examines whether the required capability can be provided through available means, whether adapting available means will be sufficient or whether new military equipment must be procured.

Division 3 subsequently coordinates specific features and requirements for future military equipment in close cooperation with all the Bundeswehr agencies involved. The results are summarised in a requirements document that determines further action then taken by the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support in Koblenz.

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