Eurofighter combat aircraft

Air sovereignty with the Eurofighter

The Eurofighter is a single-seat, all-weather multirole combat aircraft. It can be used in both air defense (air/air) and air attack (air/ground) roles.

The total of 138 Eurofighters of the German Air Force form the backbone of the German combat aircraft fleet. They are a core element in ensuring the future contribution of the Air Force to the required armed forces capability profile and to the associated Alliance commitments.

Thanks to its ability to conduct network-enabled operations, the Eurofighter can be used in close cooperation both with German air, land and naval forces and those of military Alliance partners. Its superiority in both short-range air combat and long-range operations ensures the protection of own forces and assets. This effectiveness can be achieved by day and at night, in all weather conditions and in complex operational scenarios.

Supersonic speed – without afterburner

The multipurpose combat aircraft is powered by two EJ200 engines produced by the Eurojet consortium. Each engine generates a thrust of about 60,000 N  without afterburner. When the afterburner is used in addition, a maximum thrust of more than 90,000 N is generated. Unlike the Tornado, the Eurofighter takes off without afterburner during normal flight operations. This reduces noise pollution at the airfields of the German Air Force. The Eurofighter can accelerate into the supersonic range even without using the afterburner and fly at supersonic speed for an extended period of time. This capability, known as “supercruise,” is currently available to only a few combat aircraft worldwide.

Technical data

Leergewicht11 t
Startgewichtmax. 23,5 t
Länge15,96 m
Höhe5,28 m
Spannweite10,95 m
Flügelfläche50 m²
Startstreckeweniger als 700 m
Landestreckeweniger als 600 m
Max. Trockenschub2 mal 60.000 N
Nachbrennerschub2 mal 90.000 N
HöchstgeschwindigkeitMach 2,35
Belastung der Zelle+9 g / -3 g