In Germany, the alert squadrons each consist of two Eurofighters.

The Mission of the German Air Force

The mission of the German Air Force is based on the mission of the Bundeswehr.

From this it follows that the German Air Force performs air sovereignty tasks already in peacetime. To fulfil those tasks, it keeps the German airspace under surveillance by means of control and reporting centers, also known as tactical air command and control groups, and provides responsive fighter aircraft units to ensure air sovereignty. Furthermore, it establishes and maintains its personnel and materiel readiness and participates in assistance, rescue and evacuation operations in Germany and abroad.
The German Air Force also helps to maintain military stability in Europe by participating in:

  • measures of international crisis management,
  • peace missions and humanitarian assistance under the auspices of the United Nations,
  • cooperation projects involving countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and
  • measures of arms control and confidence building.

In crises, the German Air Force flexibly adapts its operational readiness to the situation development. Together with other Bundeswehr armed services and allied forces, it contributes to the management of armed conflicts. The primary objective of these efforts is to protect the population and vital infrastructure, to maintain territorial integrity and to ensure Germany’s political freedom of action.

Ground-Based Air Defense

The Air Force provides the forces, resources and capabilities of the anti-aircraft missile units for peacekeeping, crisis management and defense of the Alliance.


The Tactical Air Wings

German Air Force fighter jets carry out air policing tasks to monitor and secure German airspace, known as air policing.


Sicherheit im Luftraum

If an aircraft cannot be reached by radio in German airspace, two Eurofighters take off and clarify the situation, which could develop into a so-called "renegade" if there is a suspicion of terrorism. We explain the effort involved.


The German Air Force in Transformation – Fit for the Future

The security environment for Germany, NATO and the European Union is constantly changing. This also changes the general conditions under which the Air Force will have to fulfill its mandate in the future.