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Support for Air Defender 23 by BWI

Support for Air Defender 23 by BWI

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For the Air Defender exercise with up to 10,000 exercise participants, the Bundeswehr's ITInformationstechnik information technology system house, BWI, ensures a functioning ITInformationstechnik information technology infrastructure.

You can see green containers lined up in a row behind a fence.

BWI has already set up containers at the Kropp site, which serve as accommodation, for example

Bundeswehr/Michael Spin

In order to be able to provide the increased demand for ITInformationstechnik information technology infrastructure for the exercise, intensive consultations between the Bundeswehr and BWI have been taking place for months. After all, the logistical effort is enormous.

The particular challenge was to connect and commission a container village without an existing network ITInformationstechnik infrastructure on a greenfield site. In addition, several locations are involved in the exercise and a number of foreign participants have arrived, some with their own ITInformationstechnik information technology systems. More than 1,000 additional technical devices have already been set up by BWI at the Hohn, Wunstorf, Jagel, Kopp and Graben sites.

Support services

In order to cope with these orders, a large number of BWI organisational units have been involved. In the coming weeks, the APCs, monitors, printers and telephones will be set up and subjected to a functional check by colleagues from the Service Centre Kiel with the support of the BWI Mission & Training unit. The aim is to hand over all relevant ITInformationstechnik components to the Bundeswehr in a flawless and functionally tested operating condition.

Furthermore, BWI plans to deploy additional personnel, for example for a supplementary on-call service, before and during the exercise.

by Oliver Podewils-Rauch

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