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  • The AirC2 Training Centre started operations as embedded entity within AirOpsCmd in July
  • Basic AirC2 “Pilot” Course in November
  • First Advanced Module in December


  • New Course: Regular Basic AirC2 Courses
  • Participation obligatory for every designated German Air Force Staff Officer
  • New Courses: Additional AirC2 Advanced Modules developed to train each of the five JFAC divisions as well as the Command Group


  • New Course: AirC2 Introduction Course allow newcomers a first look into AirC2
  • New Course: AirC2 Seminar for Flag Officers established


  • International participation expanded


  • Major adjustments to the AirC2 Basic Course


  • Cooperation between Finish Defence Forces International Centre (FINCENT) and the Air Operations Command to prepare DEU Training Centre’s NATO accreditation


  • Implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS) at DEU AirC2 TC
  • Integration of first multinational instructor from Hungary
  • successful Pre-accreditation-audit by FINCENT


  • The DEU AirC2 TC is looking forward to host the team from NATO Allied Command Transformation to receive formal accreditation
  • Due to the COVID - 19 pandemic , it was not possible to carry out any training activities in the period from 13th March 2020 to 17th August 2020. In the meantime , modified Basic AirC2 Courses have been started which were shortened by one week as an interim solution to cover the high demand. With the corresponding measures for protection against the corona virus, all other AirC2 courses have now restarted as well .
  • Following the review by Allied Command Transformation (ATCAirport traffic control) it is now official and confirmed that by certificate dated 27 th August 2020, the DEU AirC2 TC can adorn itself with the predicate of a full NATO accreditation. This huge challenge was accomplished in the first attempt.
  • In the third quarter DEU AirC2 TC reached the number of 2000 national and 300 international students trained in total.