Curriculum Vitae Brigadier Frank Pieper

Curriculum Vitae Brigadier Frank Pieper

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Vita Brigadier General Frank Pieper

Command and Staff College

Bundeswehr/Christian Gelhausen

Brigadier General and Director Strategic Affairs & Faculties 

Place of Birth:     Heide  

Military Career

since November 2022    
Director Strategic Affairs & Faculties at the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College, Hamburg 

2019 – November 2022    
Chief Digital Officer (Army) for Land-Based Operations, German Army Headquarters, Strausberg

2017 – 2019        
Head of the Strategic Management Division at the German Army Headquarters, Strausberg

2015 – 2016        
Branch Chief I 1 for Concepts/Fundamentals with the Army Concepts and Capabilities Development Centre, Cologne

2014 – 2015     
Head of the Information Environment Division, Bundeswehr Operational Communication Centre, Mayen

2011 – 2013         
Head and Lecturer, Operational Planning/National Operational Command and Control Section, Bundeswehr Command and Staff College, Hamburg

2009 – 2010            
Assistant Chief of Branch, Armed Forces Staff/Central Affairs Branch, Federal Ministry of Defence

2005 – 2008        
National General/Admiral Staff Officer Course (NGASOC) Tutor and Army Doctrine Instructor at the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College, Hamburg

2003 – 2004        
Commander, Armoured Surface-to-Air Missile Battalion 300, Fuldatal

2001 – 2003        
Desk Officer, Joint Support Service Staff I 1/Armed Forces Staff VI 7, Federal Ministry of Defence, Bonn

2000 – 2001        
Military Assistant to the Chief of Staff, 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps, Münster

1999 – 2000            
G4 Staff Officer, 9 Armoured Brigade, Erfurt

1996 – 1999        
Student on the 39th General Staff Officer Course (Army) at the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College in Hamburg

1987 – 1996            
Assignments in the Army Air Defence Corps as:

  • Platoon Leader
  • Military Intelligence Officer
  • Battery Commander
  • Head of Support Group
  • Chief Instructor, Officer Candidate Training

1984 – 1987        
Student at the Bundeswehr University in Hamburg and graduation with a degree in Education

Entry into the Bundeswehr as an officer candidate with the Army Air Defence Corps, Air Defence Regiment 6 in Lütjenburg

Mission Experience

Deputy Chief of Staff Communications, RC North, International Security Assistance Force (ISAFInternational Security Assistance Force)

Military Assistant to the Chief of Staff, Stabilization Force (SFORStabilisation Force)

G4, KFORKosovo Force Operational Brigade, Kosovo Verification Mission (KVM)

by  Bundeswehr Command and Staff College

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