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Since 1957, the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College (BwCSC) has been dedicated to preparing military top-level personnel for demanding tasks in the armed forces, NATO, the European Union and the United Nations.


The Mission of the Command and Staff College

The College’s core task is to provide initial, advanced and follow-on education and training to professionally experienced officers from Germany and abroad.

It is an attractive place for members of all groups of society to engage in strategic dialogue at a regional, national and international level. Moreover, the BwCSC is opening its doors increasingly to civilian actors from within or outside the Bundeswehr in order to promote the exchange of views and ideas at the strategic level. As an integral part of the strategic community, we seek to further improve the networking of all experts and actors in the field of security.

At the end of their training, the students of the BwCSC will be comprehensively trained and educated leaders; they will be familiar with scientific working methods and thus able to contribute to national security in a Bundeswehr-wide, joint, combined and inter-agency context.

More than 600 officers are being trained here at the Command and Staff College at any given time, among them approximately 100 foreign officers from about 50 nations. Each year, the College provides education and training to more than 3,000 officers and other personnel in a variety of courses and seminars. Altogether, some 3,000 foreign students coming from more than 100 nations and more than 5,000 German officers have completed their general/admiral staff officer training here in Hamburg.


The Bundeswehr Command and Staff College is divided into a staff and two directorates: Strategic Affairs & Faculties and Training & Education.
It is headed by the Commandant, Rear Admiral Ralf Kuchler, the Director Training & Education, Brigadier General Armin Havenith and the Director Strategic Affairs & Faculties, Brigadier General Frank Pieper.

The Command of the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College

Commander of the Leadership Academy, Rear Admiral Ralf Kuchler (centre) with Director Training, Brigadier General Armin Havenith (left) and Director Strategy & Faculties, Brigadier General Frank Pieper (right)

Bundeswehr/Aljosa Berjan


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