Coat of Arms of the Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm

Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm

The Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm (MN JHQ Ulm) is primarily available for EU, but also NATO assignments and thus makes a significant contribution to the European security architecture.


At the interface between the EU and NATO, the MN JHQ Ulm with its planning capacities, capabilities, and expertise provides an established military strategic headquarters for operations and exercises within the framework of the Common Security and Defence Policy. It strengthens the capacity for action and crisis response capability and is an important element of the Strategic Compass endorsed by the European Council in March 2022. 

In addition, it provides support to NATO, especially the NATO Response Force (NRFNATO Response Force), the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTFVery High Readiness Joint Task Force ), and the NATO Joint Support and Enabling Command (JSECJoint Support and Enabling Command), which is co-located at Wilhelmsburgkaserne barracks in Ulm.

MN JHQ Ulm has acquired unique expertise in the command and control of joint and combined EU and NATO operations. Its certification as a NATO Joint Task Force Headquarters in 2018 was an important milestone.
Servicemen and women from eight nations are currently serving at the MN JHQ Ulm. MN JHQ Ulm succeeds in integrating the Bundeswehr in the structures of the EU and NATO at the same time, and thus has a unique role in the Bundeswehr.



  • Lieutenant General Alexander Sollfrank

    Lieutenant General Alexander Sollfrank

    Commander, Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm

    Lieutenant General Alexander Sollfrank was born in Fürth, Bavaria on 7 December 1966. He is married with two children.

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