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Division 4

In order to ensure safety within aviation to the extent possible, aviation organizations, facilities, and companies as well as...

Recognition, Authorization, and Licensing

In order to ensure safety within aviation to the extent possible, aviation organizations, facilities, and companies as well as personnel performing tasks that require certification are subject to official supervision. Division 4 assumes this supervision for the concerns of the Bundeswehr.

Recognition of Foreign Military Aviation Authorities

Division 4 carries out the recognition of foreign military aviation authorities. Recognition is the basis for using the results of other aviation authorities within the own regulatory framework. This includes, among others, statements regarding the certification of aircraft, authorizations of companies, and licenses of aviation engineering personnel.

For the performance of the tasks mentioned above, the “European Military Airworthiness Handbook for Recognition” issued by the European Defense Agency provides guidance for action.

In case of a recognition, it will be confirmed that processes and standards applied by a foreign authority are comparable to own processes and standards.

Authorization and Supervision of Organizations, Facilities, and Companies

Division 4 is also responsible for the authorization and supervision of military and commercial aviation organizations, facilities, and companies that carry out tasks that are subject to aviation law and require permission. Among others, the scope of tasks of Division 4 includes the authorization and supervision of aircraft operators (including flight training schools), companies that develop, manufacture, or maintain aviation products/services or supervise the operation of such products/services, and are authorized to issue certifications and certificates for this purpose.

The tasks mentioned above are completed by granting permissions of product tests for airworthiness, and the qualification of flight simulators.

Licensing of Personnel

Another field of tasks concerns the licensing of personnel that performs activities relevant for aviation law. On principle, licensing is performed in accordance with Bundeswehr military provisions and regulations, but may also be carried out in accordance with European Union Regulation No. 1178/2011 if the Flying Service is concerned.

In this field, the Division performs the tasks of a civil supervisory authority and is, thus, part of the German civil aviation administration. In this context, licensing is performed for pilots and instructor and inspection personnel.

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