Emblem 21 Surface-to-Air Missile Group

21 Surface-to-Air Missile Group

Being an integral part of the integrated air defense, 21 Surface-to-Air Missile Group, with its ground-based PatriotPhased Array Tracking Radar to Intercept on Target air defense system, contributes to the protection of the airspace against missiles.


For this purpose, the weapon system can be used for the protection of areas, objects or operations also outside of German territory.

In Peacetime

21 Surface-to-Air Missile Group maintains and ensures compliance with the technical and tactical operational readiness requirements of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and national agencies, and ensures responsiveness and deployability in case of alert. This includes in particular:

  • training of personnel,
  • maintenance of the weapon systems,
  • conduct of unit training,
  • participation in national and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) exercises in Germany and abroad.

In Wartime

21 Surface-to-Air Missile Group carries out air defense by order of, and as directed by, the superior operations centers and in accordance with national and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) requirements. This includes in particular:

  • deployment to the area of operations and follow-on deployments depending on the situation,
  • employment in area and point defense,
  • employment of the PatriotPhased Array Tracking Radar to Intercept on Target weapon system for defense against aerial targets.


  • Lieutenant Colonel Markus König

    Lieutenant Colonel Markus König


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