Emblem 51 Tactical Air Wing Immelmann

51 Tactical Air Wing Immelmann

51 Tactical Air Wing in Jagel is located in Schleswig-Holstein and is one of two Tornado sites operated by the German Air Force.


51 Tactical Air Wing Immelmann is the only flying unit of the German Air Force capable of performing manned and unmanned airborne imagery reconnaissance, signals intelligence and electronic gathering measures. On 1 April 2013, the Wing took over the capability to suppress enemy ground-based air defense from the disbanded Fighter Bomber Wing 32 in Lechfeld. Equipped with all-weather capable Tornado combat aircraft, advanced reconnaissance sensor systems and a deployable evaluation system, the Wing is an integral part of the Bundeswehr operational forces. Since 1 January 2005, the Wing has also been tasked with the naval air warfare role.


  • Colonel Jörg Schröder

    Colonel Jörg Schröder


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