Emblem 62 Air Transport Wing

62 Air Transport Wing

The 62 Air Transport Wing in Wunstorf is considered the home unit of the Airbus A400M.


The delivery of the first Airbus A400M constitutes an important milestone in the Bundeswehr air transport activities. In the next years, a new generation of aircraft will be stationed at the Wunstorf Air Force base. At first, the A400M will be used for logistic air transport. As the capabilities grow, it will increasingly be used for tactical air transport as well, for example in MEDEVAC (medical evacuation) or air refueling missions.

Currently, a Flying Group consisting of four flying squadrons, a Technical Group with two technical squadrons for line and base maintenance, a Supply and Transport Squadron and a civilian apprenticeship workshop are subordinate to 62 Air Transport Wing (62 ATW) for the conduct of air transport missions. Furthermore, 62 ATW comprises a Training Company, the only military training establishment of the German Air Force that trains pilots at a multinational level and has civilian licensing authority.

The technological quantum leap resulting from the introduction of the new transport aircraft is reflected not only in the adapted infrastructure of the Air Force base but also in the training tools available to 62 ATW. The Training Company, amongst other things, operates a Full Flight Simulator for pilot training and a Cargo Hold Trainer-Enhanced for the training of the technical loadmasters and the ground crews.


  • Colonel Markus Knoll.

    Colonel Markus Knoll


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