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64 Helicopter Wing

The 64 Helicopter Wing is home to the CH-53 GAGrundausbildung/GSGesetzliche Schutzaufgaben/GEGerman Enhanced and H145M LUH SOFLight Utility Helicopter – Special Operation Forces in the Air Force.


The headquarters, the Flying Group and the Technical Group of 64 Helicopter Wing (64 HW) are stationed in Laupheim in Baden-Württemberg, whereas the Air Transport Group is stationed in Schönewalde/Holzdorf in Brandenburg. A detached maintenance squadron stationed in Diepholz has been part of 64 HW since October 2018. At the fourth duty location, in Bückeburg, a subunit ensures the operation of the CH-53 simulator.

In detail, the tasks and capabilities are as listed below:

  • Joint air transport of personnel and materiel in the national and multinational arenas. The equipment can be transported both in the interior and on the helicopter’s underslung load hook.
  • Flying training on the CH-53 GAGrundausbildung/GSGesetzliche Schutzaufgaben/GEGerman Enhanced (Grundausbildung – basic training / Gesetzliche Schutzaufgaben – statutory protective tasks / German Enhanced) and H145M LUH SOFLight Utility Helicopter – Special Operation Forces (Light Utility Helicopter – Special Operation Forces) weapon systems including tactical training for operations.
  • Crisis and risk management for the protection of German nationals abroad. This includes rescuing and recovering persons isolated abroad, evacuation from crisis situations and rescuing hostages abroad.
  • Aeromedical evacuation (AEROMEDEVAC), i.e. air transport of injured persons from unsafe areas under qualified medical care.
  • Homeland security, where 64 HW, on request by the Länder and within its capacities, provides subsidiary support during national disasters. This includes, but is not limited to, firefighting operations and assistance in case of floods, snow disasters and earthquakes.

The most recent capabilities of 64 HW lie in the field of special operations: direct action, special reconnaissance and military assistance (host nation assistance through, from and in the air domain).


  • Lieutenant Colonel Nicolas Bulitz

    Lieutenant Colonel Nicolas Bulitz


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