Emblem Air Force Force Protection Regiment Friesland

Air Force Force Protection Regiment Friesland

The mission of the Air Force Force Protection Regiment Friesland is to ensure the establishment, protection and operation of an airfield in a country of operation worldwide.


If necessary, the Air Force Force Protection Regiment also protects forces of the surface-to-air missile wings, radar facilities and tactical air operations centers as well as, to the greatest possible extent, any Air Force infrastructure and its deployed personnel. 

The Regiment is home to the “first-to-deploy forces” for this mission, which is unique in the Air Force and the Bundeswehr. The Regiment's soldiers are trained to seize an airfield or aerodrome in the country of deployment and to prepare it in such a way that a flying unit on that aerodrome is protected against attacks and interference after only a short period of preparation. Thus, the aircraft types used in the Bundeswehr and in other NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) countries, from jets to large transport aircraft, can subsequently take off and land there in accordance with international safety regulations.


  • Colonel Helge Gerken

    Colonel Helge Gerken


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