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Bundeswehr Logistics Command

The Bundeswehr Logistics Command at home in the Löberfeld-Kaserne barracks in Erfurt is the Joint Support and Enabling Service's largest capability coordination command. It is the centre of competence and seat of responsibility for Bundeswehr logistics operations, training and further development. The Bundeswehr Logistics Command holds the Bundeswehr’s logistics expertise.


The Bundeswehr Logistics Command is a capability coordination command of the Joint Support and Enabling Service. The Commander of the Bundeswehr Logistics Command, also referred to as Director of Bundeswehr Logistics, is responsible for the Bundeswehr’s logistics processes. At the same time, the Bundeswehr Logistics Command also ensures the provision of all basic logistics services with its logistic capabilities and assets. For this purpose, it collaborates closely with the service logistics forces of the major military organisational elements Air Force, Navy, and Army as well as the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support and the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Infrastructure, Environmental Protection and Services. The Bundeswehr Logistics Command is also responsible for motor vehicle affairs.

The Bundeswehr Logistics Command’s main tasks are to:

  • exercise command and control of subordinate units and agencies, and to ensure their operational readiness;
  • conduct Bundeswehr logistics planning and management on operations and routine duty;
  • provide the Joint Support and Enabling Service’s mobile logistic forces for operations;
  • further develop logistics within the Bundeswehr;
  • specify requirements for training in the field of logistics;
  • prepare logistic concepts for operations.

In Picture


  • Portrait of a Soldier

    Major General Gerald Funke

    Commander, Bundeswehr Logistics Command

  • Portrait eines Soldatens

    Brigadier General Ralf Lungershausen

    Deputy Commander, Bundeswehr Logistics Command

  • Portrait of a Soldier

    Colonel (GSGesetzliche Schutzaufgaben) Hans Dirk Kömpel

    Chief of Staff

  • Portrait eines Soldatens

    Colonel Alexander Heinze

    Commander, Mobile Logistic Forces of the Joint Support and Enabling Service

Organisational structure

  • 161 Logistic Battalion
  • 163 Logistic Battalion
  • 171 Logistic Battalion
  • 172 Logistic Battalion
  • 461 Logistic Battalion
  • 467 Logistic Battalion
  • 472 Logistic Battalion
  • 1 Logistic Regiment
  • 4 Logistic Regiment
  • Bundeswehr Logistics School
  • Bundeswehr Logistics Centre
  • 164 Specialist Engineer Regiment
  • Bundeswehr Motor Vehicle Affairs Centre

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